About us

Web site Dance Battle is your international tool to make virtual dance battles and tournaments. It is made both for professional dancers and for amateurs.

Virtual competition opens new world of different opportunities to develop your brand and your brand image, increase popularity, to make partnership. This battle or competition is the way to healthy life, good opportunity to adaptation for disabled persons.

We offer new approach to dance and to use new technologies. We are sure that Dance Battle will provide you with the chance to find new friends, partners, realize your plans and release your emotions.

Dance battle offers you dancing tool in a new format where you can find tournaments and battles in several stages on-line and you can perform finals on a real dance floor.

That is why the number of participants is not limited and all the participants can compete from different cities and countries, there is no limit of geographical distance for dancers and judges.

Competitions are judged quickly and battles and tournaments are not expensive.

  • Duel battle: The meaning of duel battle is a duel of two competitors of similar dance level.
  • Team dance battle: Any participant registered in our website can form or join a team in our site. Any registered user can created a team in his personal profile. The user can join many teams.
  • Open dance competition “Open challenge”: There are open dance challenge competitions every trimester of the year. Competitions can be held for each dance session, age, level and type of user, there is each corresponding part for this competition. The user can present different video for each round. Different judges work for each part of the competition. Downloaded video on “Dance floor“ are available for preview after start of competition to all users of the website, they are also available for comments and “bears” for registered users. The rounds can start simultaneously.
  • Open regular competition “Last of the heroes”: This type of competition is organized each month. The competition can be held for different sessions, age, dance level, type of the user, there can be different parts of competition. There are three rounds in regular competition “Last of the heroes”. “Hard battle” “Semi-final” “Final”. Presented video by participants are available to all users of the website, for comments and “bears”. The rounds are done one after another. Different video can be presented for each round and the same can be presented for each round too.
  • Open dance competition “Fist to fist”: Dance Battle suggests the organization of team open dance competition every trimester. They are organized for each session , age (average age between the team), dance level (average dance level of the team) and type of participant. There are separate parts in each competition. Regular team open dance competition has two rounds. The speaker should present different video for each round with members of his team participating. Each new round is judged by different judges. The list of video presented in the dance floor of the website is available for every web user, it is also available for comments and bears of registered users. The rounds are organized simultaneously.