User Agreement

Chapter 1. Terms.

1.1. Website «DanceBattle», hereinafter «Website» - the totality information resources and services hosted on Internet at the address:

1.2. Website user - physical person registered on Website, agreed with term of the Agreement in his own name, on behalf of himself with the consent of his parent /legal representative or in the name of minor whose parent and/or legal representative he is.

1.3. Website administration 


Address: Room 2-7, Premise I, Bldg 2, Hs 5, Khersonskaya Street, Moscow, 125171

Tax ID/RRC: 7727304879/772701001


a.с.: 30101810200000000593

c. a.: 40702810902340000504

BIC: 44525593

General Director: Sergey A. Rovnykh

1.4. Connection to Website - provision of authorized access by the Website administration to the client part of the Website.

1.5. Account - User account that contains information on him and has set of rights of Authorized Access to the Website's Services.

1.6. User name (login) - sequence of symbols that uniquely distinguishes (identifies) each separate user among other Website users.

1.7. Password - sequence of symbols that is known only to the User himself, stored on the Website in encrypted form and used for User Authentication.

1.8. Authentication - Certification of eligibility of remote appeal of User on the Website, carried out by means of a user name (login) and password.

1.9. Authorized Access - access in case of successful Authentication.

1.10. Services (paid and free) - information products and services provided to the User within the framework of Website operation. The procedure and conditions of provision of paid services are determined by separate agreements for the provision of a particular service.

1.11. Agreement - text of the Agreement that is a contract between the User and the Administration on how to use the services of the Website. Compliance with conditions of the Agreement is a prerequisite for use of the Website by the User.

Chapter 2. General Provisions

2.1. The Agreement applies to all Users of the Website and shall be deemed concluded by User with the adoption of the terms of the Agreement by the latter. Beginning of use of any service of the Website by User, including some of its functions, or the end of the registration process, including, but not limited to, clicking "Join" button means acceptance of conditions of the Agreement by User in their entirety, without stipulations or exceptions. In case of disagreement of user with any of the provisions of the Agreement, the User is not allowed to use the services, including some of its functions, and also to use the services provided by the Website in any other way.

2.2. Management reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time without notice. User monitors changes in the Agreement and get acquainted with the current version of the user agreement. If the Administration had made any changes to the Agreement with which the user does not agree, he is obliged to stop the use of any services of the Website. Continued use of the Website by the User after making changes and/or additions hereto means acceptance and consent to such amendments and/or additions by User.

2.3. Paid services do not constitute necessary condition of participation of User on the Website and are provided according to User's wish.

2.4 You agree and confirm that for use of services: 1) You should reach capable age defined in the legislation of Your country; 2) you do not have any restrictions on use of services on the part of the Administration. In case if User did not reach capable age he should independently obtain necessary permit in the form required by law from his parents or legal representatives for receipt of Website's services and their payment.

Chapter 3. Website access rules

3.1. User performs registration of the Account on the Website by filling and submission of registration form.

3.2. At registration user independently enters a User Name (login) and chosen password that is stored on the Website in encrypted form.

3.3. You are obliged to keep your password in secret. You should not give your account ID to other people. In relationships between you and other people your account ID belongs to you. You assume obligations: 1) try to choose safe and secure password; 2) keep your password in secret; 3) do not give other people any data from your account ID (e.g., contacts and groups). You are responsible for everything that occurs in connection with your Account until you close it or inform about its misuse by other people.

3.4. The user is solely responsible for the safety of selected user name (login) and password in particular for the lack of access to them by third parties. All activities on the Website, committed under the user account are considered to be committed by the User.

3.5. The user undertakes to use the System only for personal non-commercial purposes.

3.6. Removal of User Account on the Website may be made by the Administration at the request of the User, or if there are grounds for removal.

3.7. All claims, requests, questions, any other correspondence should be addressed to the Administration via email address

Chapter 4. Rules of interaction of Administration and User

4.1. Informational resources and services of the Website are located in the way that gives possibility to people of the world to prove themselves in dance, to compare their achievements with achievements of like-minded fellows. Website services provide Users with economically beneficial possibilities that allow to participate in dance competitions with the help of videos with dance tracks at a convenient time and in a convenient location that encourage self-actualization of users and expand the circle of contacts. Administration does not guaranty that the Website will meet requirements and wishes of User.

4.2. The administration disavows the legal responsibility for the quality, safety and reliability of the Services: а) disavows all implied warranties (e.g., from guaranties of merchantability, fitness for use, data accuracy and non-infringement of rights; б) does not guaranty continuity or infallibility of provision of Services; в) provides Services (including content and information) on an "as is" and "whether there in stock" basis. Besides the case when the Russian legislation does not allow the disclaimer of responsibility. The Administration reserves the right in employ third parties for rendering any Services without notification/consent of User.

4.4. The Administration is not responsible in case of direct and indirect financial or other losses of Users, caused by temporal inoperability of the Website due to the following reasons: technical and maintenance works, technical failures of internet-providers, computer networks, servers and tools, and also illegal actions of third parties, intentional, unintentional (including incautious) actions of User himself and/or force majeure circumstances. Responsibility of the Administration and those with whom the Administration works in concert for rendering the Services, under no circumstances, shall not exceed (in the aggregate for all claims) 3,000 (three thousand) rubles.

4.5. The Administration, under no circumstances, is not responsible for infringement of intellectual rights of third parties if such infringement was caused by creation, was due to the creation, upload, post, copying or modification of information, documents or images on Website made by Users of the Website.

4.6. Registration on the Website is personal (private).

4.7. The Administration for the provision of services and rendering the Website's service to User processes his personal data and the personal data of minors, parent and / or legal representative of which he is.

4.8. In order to fulfill obligations under the Agreement the consent of User means performance of actions by User that allow to uniquely identify the manifestation of his will, including the implementation of implicative actions.

4.9. User when registering on the Website, posting data on the Website, expresses his consent to processing of personal data by the Administration and/or the third party, processing of mentioned personal data is allotted to which by the Administration exclusively for the purposes specified in C. 4.12 of the User Agreement, to reflection of personal data in Account as well as to the fact that the personal data appeared in your Account will be deemed available to the public.

4.10. Incapable User when registering on the Website guaranties to the Administration that he has prior written consent of his legal representative to processing of personal data on the Website, as well as on the fact that the personal data appeared in Account will be deemed available to the public.

4.11. Partially incapacitated User, when registering on the Website, performing implicative actions specified in C. 4.9., expresses his consent to processing of personal data by the Administration and/or the third party, processing of mentioned personal data is allotted to which by the Administration exclusively for the purposes specified in C. 4.12 of the User Agreement, to reflection of personal data in Account as well as to the fact that the personal data appeared in your Account will be deemed available to the public and guaranties to the Administration that he has prior written consent of his legal representative to processing of personal data on the Website, as well as on the fact that the personal data appeared in Account will be deemed available to the public.

4.12. Purpose of processing of User's personal data and incapable Users, parent and/or legal representative of which he is, is provision of services to the latter by the Administration and/or third parties, enabling use of Website's services, carrying out of advertizing campaigns, statistic researches and analysis of received statistic data, performance of other actions described in the Agreement and relating Website chapters.

4.13. Purpose of processing of User's personal data is performed by the Administration from the moment of registration of Profile and during three months from the moment of removal of Account by User.

4.14. User agrees that the Administration during processing of personal data is entitled to perform the following actions with personal data: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, use, transfer to third parties (including transfer of anonymized statistics), elimination and other actions necessary for implementation of the Agreement and provision of Website's services.

4.16. User agrees with obligation to immediately notify the Administration about any violation of security related to entrance to the Website, performed with use of login and password of User without his knowledge and consent. The Administration assumes no responsibility for any consequences of a security breach, including any loss or damage of data that occurred as a result of authorized access by third parties to the Website using User's login and password.

4.17. The Administration provides automated means for password recovery. The Administration assumes no responsibility for loss of information for access to the Website that occurred due to the fault of User, as well as for any consequences that may arise as a result of this.

4.18. User agrees with the right of the Administration to forbid use of some logins and to block access to the Website with their use.

4.19. User is obliged to provide chapters 5 and 6 hereof. User agrees that the Administration has the right, in its sole discretion and without prior notice or warning to limit User's access to the system due to violation of the requirements of sections 5 and 6 hereof

Chapter 5. Rules of posting information protected by intellectual property laws

5.1. When using the Website, it is prohibited to load, transfer between users, modify or publish information, data or images that violate the exclusive rights of third parties, in particular copyright and related rights, as well as exclusive rights to an invention, utility model, industrial design or trademark.

5.2. User is responsible in case of violation of intellectual property rights of third parties by him, in particular copyright and related rights, as well as exclusive rights to an invention, utility model, industrial design or trademark.

5.3. On the pages of the Website User has the right to publish only those comments (including profile picture, text of a comment and applied photos) that do not violate applicable legislation and / or the rights of third parties. In case if such a product is subject to copyright or includes it, User guarantees he has the right for such use. When publishing these objects, User gives the Administration the right to use them without restrictions in the territory and the date by copying, distribution, translation, public performance, public display, message broadcasting and via cable, dissemination to the general public.

5.4. The Administration reserves the right to block any content posted by User that infringes any intellectual and / or exclusive rights of third parties, including copyrights and related rights, at the request of the right holder or without it.

5.5. The Administration is obliged not to include User's content in advertisements related to products and services of third parties (including sponsored content) without your specific consent. However, the Administration is entitled to post advertisements near content and information posted by User without compensation payment to him.

5.6. The Administration is entitled to edit and change User's content format (e.g., translate it, change size, model or file type, and also to delete metadata), but is obliged not to distort the meaning implied by a User.

Chapter 6. Restricted use of the Website

User is prohibited from:

6.1. Upload, post, distribute via Website software, and / or any other way of publishing content that is unlawful, harmful, defamatory, offensive, contrary to morality and ethics, demonstrating (or propagandizing) the use of violence and cruelty, violates the rights of intellectual property, propagandizes hatred and / or discrimination against people on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social grounds, contains insults against any persons or organizations, contains the elements (or propagandizing) pornography, child erotica, constitutes an advertisement (or a propaganda) of sexual services (including under the guise of other services), clarifies the procedure for the manufacture, implementation or other use of drugs or their analogues, explosives or other weapons.

6.2. Upload, post, distribute via Website software, and / or any other way of publishing texts, programs, images or documents that contain obscene materials and information that induce to illegal activities, including gambling, illegal sale of weapons or drugs in any form.

6.3. Commit or allow committing of criminal or destructive actions that are pursued in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.4. Upload, store, use and transfer any advertising information, description of fraudulent schemes, network marketing schemes (MLM), systems of earnings in the Internet and so on.

6.5. Impersonate another person or representative of organization and / or community, as well as to confuse other Users.

6.6. Collect and store data of other Users out of Website in manual and automated mode.

6.7. In any way hinder the operation of the Website, including by creation, distribution and use of computer programs or other computer data designed for the unauthorized destruction, blocking, modification, copying of computer information or neutralization of the protection of computer data, as well as designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or software (computer viruses), for performance of unauthorized access, as well as containing the serial numbers to commercial software products and / or programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means to gain unauthorized access to paid Services of the Website, as well as the posting of links to the abovementioned information.

6.8. While using the system, the User agrees not to violate the information security of the Website, in particular, but not limited to, undertakes:

· not to attempt to test the vulnerability of the Website security, not to violate the Website's registration and authorization procedures;

· not to attempt to create disturbances in the use of the Website by other users, which includes the dissemination of computer viruses, data corruption, ongoing dispatch of repetitive information, simultaneous dispatch of large amounts of e-mail and / or requests on the Website in order to intentionally cause the Website server failure, and the like actions that go beyond the normal targeted use of the Website, and are capable to cause malfunctions, intentionally or recklessly;

· not to send materials to users of this Website to which they have not given their consent, "spam", any letters and advertisements without the permission of the Administration;

· not to perform imitation and / or counterfeit of any heading of TCP / IP package or part of a header in any e-mail or material posted on the Website.

6.9. Upload of videos content of which does not include dancing scenes, dance composition in a video that does not match a dance style, quality of a video (bad shot, low resolution) does not allow competent evaluation.

6.10. Adding to data field information that includes not reliable or improper content for this field (for instance, adding to field "Name" or any other field information that includes phone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses or any data identifying a person for which relevant field on the Website is not foreseen).

6.11. Assignment for temporary use, lease or rent, exchange, sale or resale of access to the Services or any related information and data, sales, sponsoring or other monetization of dance crews on the Website or any other Service without consent of the Administration, posting of external links to Services of the Website for any purposes other than promotion of a profile of a dance crew or a personal one, without consent of the Administration.

Chapter 7. Moderation (administration)

7.1. The Administration reserves the right to conduct moderation of all materials posted by users on the Website, that is, to monitor the content and quality of these materials and, if necessary, in its sole discretion, to delete or move them without notice and explanation. The Administration does not take responsibility for any consequences of acts performed within the framework of moderation procedures.

7.2. User agrees with the Administration's the right to limit or block access to the Website or to take other actions against the user who has violated the terms of the Agreement, applicable laws or legally protected rights of third parties in case of receipt of motivated complaint from them. The nature of these measures is defined in this case by the Administration in its sole discretion, and may be applied without notice to User and explanations.

7.3. In case of violation of terms of the Agreement the Administration has the right to take measures necessary to protect these terms, and their interests, regardless of the period of limitation of these violations. Thus, the inaction on the part of the Administration in case of violation the User Agreement conditions does not deprive the right of the Administration to take necessary actions to protect their interests later and does not mean the waiver by the Administration of their rights in case of commitment of such violations in the future.

7.4. Right of the Administration to the moderation does not mean an obligation to monitor all materials posted by Users on the Website, published or transmitted via services of the Website. Moderation is carried out in the volumes established by the Administration. Pre-check of content and materials uploaded by users is not performed.

Chapter 8. Final provisions

8.1. Depending on the nature of the materials or the specifics of some Services of the Website, the Administration may add special conditions for registration and access to such materials and services, in particular age limits.

8.2. By registering on the Website, User confirms his unconditional acceptance of all the provisions of the Agreement, as well as his compliance with all the conditions, reflected in the registration forms and necessary for the successful registration.

8.3. Disputes between the Administration and users are solved through negotiations, and in case of impossibility of such a settlement in court at the location of the Administration in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation. In those cases, when it is permitted by law, the Russian-language version of this Agreement is legally binding, and translations into other languages are provided solely for the convenience.

8.4. The relationship of the parties hereunder is governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.