What is battle?
Take a challenge. Feel what it feels to win

Rules of duel dance battle


The tariff for participation in the duel battle for judging categories:

  • Guru - 500;
  • Master - 300;

The meaning of duel battle is a duel of two competitors of similar dance level. The participation is free of charge if you choose the first seniority level of judge (“Judge”)

1.       Start your video.

The user can choose the following status “Do not disturb”, “Ready for battle”, “Ready for competition”, “Ready for battle and competition”. The user should download his video in his personal profile  and chose the status (“preview not available”, “available for friends”, “available for dance team”, “available for friends and dance team”.

The user registered in the website should download only those video where he is participating himself as a dancer. The video must correspond to the following criteria:

·         The content of video is dancing;

·         Dance composition should be long to the session registered;

·         The user has informed correctly in the application form his sex, age and type of  member

·         The video meets corresponding quality level in order to judge ably.

2.       Choose your adversary.The user should choose an adversary. The website search engine will propose the list of competitors to whom the battle request can be sent. By default there is a list of registered users with the following corresponding parameters:

·         In the video list there is at least one video of the corresponding session ;

·         There is a status “ready for battle”, “ready for battle and competition”;

·         Competitors have the same type of user;

·         Disabilities (if the user is disable) .

3.       Challenge.After choosing the adversary , the user sends a challenge battle request as a standard message.The responding participant should reply the challenge, preselected level of judge and type of the battle (open, closed).Should at least one parameter not correspond to the challenge, the challenge must be rejected. “Master judge” and “Guru” judgment is paid according to the website tariffs. Service “Judge” for duel battle is free of charge. The challenge should be responded in 48 hours. If there is no response, the challenge (the request) will not be replied.

4.       Take part in the battle.The website will define the required level of judge. It is done within a limited period 24 hours after receiving the request.

There are the following criteria to judge duel battles:

·           Musicality – able to show the rhythm and the music

·         Pure performance – the technics of dance movements, for team – timing for all dancers

·         Original style – the difference and the soleness of dance, interesting elements and style of movements

·         Action and performance – character of dance, efficiency, convincing dance

·         Complexity of elements and movements

·         The balanced logic of choreography, meaning of the dance choreography from beginning to end, music passage

·         New video. No previous participation

The judges compare video by each parameter. Each parameter’s advantage is one point.

For each participation in the battle there is a maximum of seven points. If the competitor wins 5 times with 4 or more points in one dance, then he gets the next level automatically in this type of dance. All points are calculated and added to the battle rating. If the participant does not agree on the result he can claim by letter in his personal profile to Dance Battle administration.