What is battle?
Take a challenge. Feel what it feels to win

Rules of team dance battle

The tariff for participation in the team battle - 150.

Any participant registered in our website can form or join a team in our site. A team could be created by any registered user in his personal profile. The user can join many teams.

Create dance team / join dance team.

The user that created a team first is a team speaker. The speaker send sand confirms applications for duel battles on behalf of the team. He also confirms participation in open and closed competitions; he has a right to include and to cancel participation of new members. The speaker can show the following status for his team: “Do not disturb” “Ready for battle” “Ready for completion”, “Ready for battle and competition”. The team has a common list of video. New members of the team can be confirmed by the speaker only. Members of the team have common parameters:

- the same session with speaker’s application for man do ther members (at least one of them)

- there are common disabilities (for disable users)

- type of user corresponds members of the speakers’s team

Users can address a standard request to the speaker and upon receiving positive answer they can join the team.

1.       Download the video.The team speaker requesting for battle chooses one of the video from each member (the same dancing session). Each member of the team should define the status of the video installed: “not available for preview”, “available for friends”, “available for team”, “available for friends and team”, “available for everybody”

2.       Choose the adversary.The speaker should choose the adversary. After the search is done by website there is list of speakers of dance teams in order to choose between them and to send an application for duel battle. The speaker has to define an adversary. There is the following list of speakers by default:

·         The same type of user;

·         Similar disabilities;

·         In the list of video of the team there is at least one video of the same session that session of the team who calls for the battle;

·         Status of the team “ready for battle”, “ready for battle and completion”.

5.       Challenge by application.As soon as the adversary is defined the speaker sends a standard message to call for the battle. If one of the speakers defines the battle type (open or closed) that does not correspond to battle type of the applied team, then the battle should be closed type of battle. If there are different levels of judge applied, by default it will be junior level. Should services Master judge and Guru be applied then there is a corresponding fee to pay. The limited time for battle application confirmation is 48 hours. Upon confirmation of the battle application it is necessary to pay the service of judge within 24 hours. If there is no response, the battle will not happen. If the payment is not done by all members of the team, the battle will be postponed till full payment.

·         Participate in the battle.In order to judge the battle corresponding level of judge is defined by website within 24 hours.

There are the following criteria to judge the battle:

·         Musicality – able to show the rhythm and the music

·         Pure performance – the technics of dance movements, for team – timing for all dancers

·         Original style – the difference and the soleness of dance, interesting elements and style of movements

·         Action and performance – character of dance, efficiency, convincing dance

·         Complexity of elements and movements

·         The balanced logic of choreography, meaning of the dance choreography from beginning to end, music passage

·         New video. No previous participation

Each video gets from 1 till 5 points. As a result the video during one round can get the maximum of 30 points (6x5)

If the number of video is equal, the total number of points are summarized and compared with the total of another team.

The winner is the team with maximum point. If the number of the points is equal, the winner is less qualified team or older team. If the number of video is not the same between the teams, all points are calculated and divided by the number of participants. The winner is defined by maximum average quantity of points.If the number of the points is equal, the winner is less qualified team or older team.

The result is summarized and added to the total battle rating of the team. Individual rating of the member is added to the total battle rating of the team.